Gourmet Pecans

Congratulations!! You have just found the most delicious gourmet pecans you will ever taste, guaranteed! We make them by hand one batch at a time, and we ship year round.

We do not make just some more candied pecans. We select only the best Texas pecans, clean them by hand, oven roast them, and then coat them by hand in small batches. Our gourmet roasted pecans are like no others. They are truly a gourmet nut.

We are the only ones who marinate pecans in flavored syrups before roasting. Even our chocolate covered pecans are not quite the same as others. We use three different types of chocolate and no wax.

We specialize in Christmas gifts. We make a great Christmas gift box, and corporate Christmas gifts. It is like giving a homemade Christmas gift. They are the best pecan gifts you will find.

To find out more about each or our flavors, we have cinnamon pecans, chocolate pecans, spicy pecans, (and more than one flavor of each), click on "product Info". There is sure to be one there that will tantalize you.

Periodically, we like to send an E-Mail to our customers informing them about specials we run. So if interested sign-up on our E-mail list. Also, fill in your city and we will send gift show info, telling you where and when we will be in your area.

Seek out the GO TEXAN logo to make sure you always get the best of Texas. To learn more about the GO TEXAN program and to find GO TEXAN members visit www.gotexan.org


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Phone Number: 800-895-2101
Email: sales@allpecans.com

Our Other Specialty Products

You can choose from a wide variety of beautiful tins.  We offer several different sizes, designs, and price points to choose from.

Each tin is hand-filled and created when ordered, with your choice of flavored pecans, of course.

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Art Chapa, from Pleasanton, Texas, has created some of the most beautiful cutting boards and lazy Susans you’ll ever see. Art works mainly with mesquite hardwood, but he also uses more exotic woods upon request. He can custom create a cutting board or lazy Susan just for you. (Allow 4-6 weeks for custom orders.)

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The fudge we sell is made right here in Fort Davis, with our pecans of course, and is outstanding!

Rest assured it will be well received by any recipient…very rich and buttery indeed.

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